Are You Optimizing Your Google My Business The Right Way?

One of the simplest ways to gain trade and customers is through Google My Business (GMB). GMB is a tool from Google that helps business owners run their presence online through its search engine. GMB’s ability to incorporate search engine results into your marketing is a huge advantage for all local businesses. Google searches have local intent, and business location is the main piece of information sought by local searchers. According to Net Marketshare, around 69% of all searches happen on Google. 

Detailed Business Description

You have to make sure that you have stated all the necessary details for your business and the services you provide. You also have to target a specific group of customers based on a unique characteristic. Information should also not just be detailed, but also solid and carefully formed, not based or made from guesswork.

Keyword Searches

Just like other websites that use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to target certain specific customers, GMB also works similarly, so it is important to always include the right keywords and important ones you need for your business to be optimized and be able to reach the correct target audience. 

Accurate Information

Aside from being detailed, by carefully forming the information given, it must also be accurate. Your citations should also match so that customers get the correct information. The highest data quality provides a certain level of confidence to all who depend on that data. If data quality is high, the users will be able to produce better outputs. 

The importance of data accuracy goes far beyond just decision-making. It’s directly related to productivity. Data errors are extremely costly for any business, but the risk is far greater than just losing money. Aside from exhausting your financial resources, poor data quality will negatively reflect on your brand credibility, productivity, and efficiency. 


People love photos and visuality. It is said that “A picture is worth a thousand words”, the more photos you have the better it will be to engage customers and they can see the product and services they are receiving. It can be seen how customers are engaging with the photos and they can see how it works. Using photos also sends lots of information through the brain and attracts them.

Adding Posts

People reach to add posts on the GMB but they must be good engaging posts with 100-300 words for better engagement. Each GMB post features an image, text, and a clear call to action. Some also include time constraints. The posts don’t have to be flashy, chances are your audience is actively searching for the information you’re offering, but some methods are better than others. Google also offers a variety of CTA options depending on your post type. 

There’s also a Preview to see how your post will look, make sure you copy-edit and fine-tune it, then go ahead and Publish. Google also has plenty of interesting insights for you to check out once you’ve got some posts up and running. Take a look at your post views and see how your customers are engaging with your profile. Then give them more of what they like.

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