By using some of these pay-per-click marketing strategies, you should be able to easily increase your visibility in search engines and get some instant results.

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Pay Per Click Marketing

With all the weapons you can now use for digital marketing, you have to look for the fastest, most efficient, and most effective ways for you to attract and captivate some high-converting customers into your brand. By using some of these pay-per-click marketing strategies, you should be able to easily increase your visibility in search engines and get some instant results.

With the rapid speed of digital networking and general internet growth, you should figure out the perfect advertising avenues for you in order to efficiently optimize all possible conversion paths with today’s life on the internet. When some small companies and businesses are getting good deals and turning to eCommerce businesses and entrepreneurs, you should do everything you can in order to not get left behind. 

With the correct application of available strategies, you should be able to achieve increased marketing opportunities. Although these opportunities increase, it does come with their very own difficulties. Don’t forget that though some businesses have access to marketing tools and channels, some still fail to remain visible from their target audiences. These mistakes usually make their efforts in vain.

Online companies would usually face difficulties such as excessive competitors. Whatever industry you’re in, there’s bound to be lots of competitors, especially when it comes to online marketing. Aside from this, there are also ad blockers that nullify your ads, strict rules and regulations to follow, compliance with constant changes in customer demand, ad prices, compliance with the industry market standards, and many more. 

Although social media marketing is probably one of the easiest ways to market anything nowadays, many still have difficulties with this. Before, social media platforms allowed businesses to reach millions of prospects worldwide for free. With time, some of the more influentials on social media, have developed ad regulations to pay more in exchange for getting their content in front of their target customers and audiences.

As it may become an advantage to some marketers, it may also become a great issue to some marketers. This is due to their limit on their capacities and resources when it comes to launching and supporting the ongoing campaigns for social media. Online marketing isn’t really that easy, aside from keeping in mind web development and social media marketing, there are also lots of other factors you should remember such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Having an elaborate SEO strategy allows business companies to gain some better brand exposure. Keep in mind that most of these SEO strategies and online marketing strategies are pretty much long-term investments. Not only would these long-term investments require a long time frame, but it would also be taking lots of effort, and at times, maybe even some relatively large investment of capital, but in the end, you would still receive a worth it amount of results.

These are long-term investments, so if you’re looking to get a more immediate campaign boost as well as a faster return on investment (ROI), then it would probably be best to use pay-per-click advertising as a more profitable choice. You can also achieve some positive business results using targeted PPC services and by having full control of your paid search marketing efforts.

Is PPC The Best For You?

Naturally, both options can be very beneficial. In the end, it all comes down to what you may currently need. Therefore, you should try to understand your target audiences. Analyzing your audience’s online activities is actually crucial in order to identify if PPC and organic search is a better approach for your business, or perhaps a combination of these digital marketing strategies would be better. First, let us identify and differentiate the two.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

As of recently, pay-per-click has shown its worth for being a relatively cost-effective online marketing strategy. Businesses that take advantage of PPC advertising allows them to take charge of their ad spend, this also allows them to completely have their brand offerings to be shown to their targetted audiences at the perfect time and perfect place as to not annoy them with a surplus of ads or lose to the lack in ads.

Using the PPC marketing strategy’s accurate visibility targeting, the customer’s buying journey should be sped up, as well as enhance the conversion rate for your business. Naturally, some people would get an idea of using both PPC and SEO advertising strategies. In which case, these would usually work best at driving targeted results. 

Utilizing the combined SEO and PPC campaigns would naturally provide your business with the maximum visibility you can generate, as well as drive relevant traffic and long-term benefits, but in the likely case that you are struggling with a short window to promote your brand offerings, then using the pay per click internet marketing strategy could be a better idea and option to take for your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you are looking to generate your business with some organic traffic, establish credibility and relationship with customers, as well as build brand awareness, then SEO could be a great option for you. Although the problem might not be all that big, some companies may find it inconvenient to only find results for the SEO campaign after four to six months. 

In addition to all these, it is also known that the top 10 organic search results for one keyword typically only have about 5.7 percent of the web pages even with a year passing after publishing. Although you may think that getting in the top 10 could be easy, even some of these best-performing web pages that manage to get in the top 10 usually take two to six months.

It has already been stated a few times that SEO takes time, that is why some people that often rely on these organic searches fail to achieve their marketing goals within the timeline that they have set and planned. Pay-per-click advertisement could be a better option for you, especially if you are looking for something you have full control of, flexibility, and provide some immediate results. 

PPC Marketing And Consumer Click Advertising Opportunities

There are some trustworthy and reliable pay-per-click marketing agencies that work with other company partners and several professional industry participants that are looking to increase their leads, grow their own brand awareness, and achieve some of their goals. These professional agencies have been spending their time in order to master and completely understand what PPC is. 

With their vast knowledge, they should be able to work effectively for different stakeholders and make certain that it all goes well. Some people may also still be if PPC is the best option for you to take, in any case, these professionals should be able to help you decide.

How Does PPC Work?

Naturally, working and managing your company’s marketing would be really difficult. Investing in some paid search marketing proves to usually be beneficial for their business. In fact, about 79 percent of marketers would find this to be beneficial, and more than half of these professional industry players would keep investing and continuously put more money into their PPC ads to attract new customers that are looking for their services.

You would also find it in Social Media Today, that many advertisers would spend billions on pay-per-click advertisements just in the year 2017. In addition, PPC has recently been becoming more of a popular and widely used marketing framework for generating higher ROI as it has proven many times. Although we can differentiate PPC from SEO, you may still be a bit confused on what exactly PPC is and how exactly does it ramp up your digital marketing efforts?

Here, we will explain to you what exactly this paid search is, as well as teach you the basics and fundamentals when it comes to PPC management. Learning and better understanding pay-per-click management can increase your chances of launching profitable campaigns. It can be very useful knowledge just so that you know what you’re getting yourself into. In the end, this will be one step closer to success.

What Is PPC?

PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, is a type of paid search model that is often used for the purpose of building brand awareness, promoting brand offerings, and even gaining some immediate traction from specific audience segments. As the name suggests, pay-per-click, the investing advertisers are only required to pay every time that a user clicks on the ads. 

Some people may already have an idea about PPC, generally because of  Google PPC, but in reality, pay-per-click goes beyond the Google search engine results pages. The pay-per-click advertisements may also be applied to social media sites, such as YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, and even LinkedIn. 

With PPC, marketers can place ads strategically on a variety of online marketing platforms to make their products and services highly visible, perfect for picking out their target audiences. People will see these pay-per-click ads all around the net. 

The Different Kinds Of PPC Advertisements

Although you may already have a general idea of what PPC is, the next step to be completely successful on this is to learn and understand the different types of PPC marketing campaigns. This step could also be fundamental for building your online presence and promoting your brand at the correct place, time, and people. 

The professionals that are assigned to the pay-per-click agency will be working closely with your team so that the best PPC ads can be used to fill your sales funnel. You can use these different types of PPC ads depending on what your business personally needs.

Display Advertisements

These display ads are quite well-known for being a relatively effective option. These display ads would usually appear on the Google partner’s websites. These types of PPC ads are mainly for targeting the audiences that visited industry-related sites. 

These display advertisements will be maximizing the visibility of text, as well as photos so that the user’s attention will immediately direct to the ad and be convinced. These display ads are generally recommended for businesses that have some lengthy sales cycles and niche or luxury customers so that they can be efficiently used.

Searching Advertisements

These search ads are considered to be one of the most common options and forms of paid search marketing. These types of advertisements work by being visible to prospects who are already looking for your industry or brand offerings online. 

Search advertisements pay-per-click ads are recommended for short sales cycles or one-time campaign promotions. To efficiently utilize this type of advertisement, it is recommended for the companies that are aiming to acquire strong, high-quality leads from the new customers that they generate.

Social Ads

As for the fastest-growing segment of pay-per-click advertising services, social media paid advertising is generally considered to be the best at this. As you may have already guessed, these social ads reveal their advertisements on social media platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. 

Although some may question how exactly this will target the audiences, these advertisements are typically made to reach prospects based on their hobbies, networks, and interests, among other factors. To effectively use social ads, it is appropriate for the brands that are active in social media, have an established online presence, and have highly-targeted customers.

Google Shopping Ads

These types of ads are mainly used and more effective for websites with a large volume of products. You may see these types of PPC ads in a carousel above, they may also appear on the side of the main Google search results. With these advertisements, prospects will be able to view the products and prices on Google SERP before they even click onto anyone’s website. Prospects may tend to find this convenient.

Additionally, every click you are paying for with Google Shopping Advertisements practically offers you a higher chance of converting, assuming your target customers have already explored all product offerings on Google Shopping ads. This type of PPC advertisement is typically more efficient for eCommerce businesses that are aiming to reach customers that have a clear intent of buying.

Local Services Ads

Utilizing a pay-per-lead model for your local services ads can certainly be an efficient and great idea. This is because if the online clicks do not turn into leads, then you would not be required to pay for it. Although this could be a great online marketing strategy, you may already have guessed that it is only applicable to a few markets. These markets could be from the HVAC companies, electricians, plumbers, and locksmithing local companies.

When it comes to local services and companies, it is always important to have a clear idea of what type of audience you are targeting. Although you would mostly only be targeting people that are near you and require your services, it could still be a challenge to some to make their businesses more visible to their target demographics. Needless to say, they would also have some competitors to worry about.

Remarketing Ads

If we’re talking about high-converting customers as well as having your turnovers doubled, then using remarketing ads is a great way to do so. These remarketing ads work by reminding the individuals to come back to your website after they have already visited it. This would also compel them to convert, which is a great addition for you. 

Another this is that remarketing ads are a relatively cheaper option for you if you are considering search advertising since there would not be much competition, as well as highly targeted customer segments. You may be at ease as we use PPC ad formats and extensions to produce significant results with your PPC campaign.

In-stream Ads

If you surf the internet regularly, then you would have surely come across some of these. These in-stream ads are also called YouTube ads. The ads that you see on the YouTube search results, YouTube videos, and video partners on Display Network are considered pay-per-click ads. Not only is the Youtube website incredibly popular, but using Youtube ads also creates this certain image on your brand, making it unique and memorable.

Although in-stream ads used to only apply efficiently on Youtube, Facebook has also recently launched in-stream ads. With this, many companies that use in-stream ads can place their advertisements in the best places, as well as the natural breaks in each video content.

Amazon PPC Ads

From all the PPC services for the online landscapes, then Amazon advertising is constantly increasing in popularity. With Amazon PPC Ads, online Amazon sellers are able to generate brand awareness, boost sales as well as drive more store visits by placing sponsored ads on the platform’s key locations. 

In addition to all these, most PPC agencies leverage our PPC experts’ technical knowledge and expertise to organize your Amazon PPC campaigns at Thrive. In the end, this will all be used to increase your profit margin.

Gmail Sponsored Promotions

If you’re looking for an effective way to generate direct response leads. In addition, to this, these types of advertisements allow you to reach the leads that are interested and deliver it right in their inbox, which is similar to a virtual mailbox. These GSPs also have a click-to-call ability. This means that prospects are able to carry out direct calls to you, which is completely different from YouTube ads.

This can also be converted at any point of your sales funnel. To effectively use GSP, PPC companies recommend you to set up your GSP to maximize its targeting abilities and generate high-quality clicks.

How Does It Work?

In case you were wondering, these PPC marketing advertisements uses a keyword-based marketing tactic. To compare it, these PPC campaign managements are like Adwords assigning a value to different search terms and phrases based on their search volume. This would be the one determining the complexity as well as competition level. Usually, the keyword price would go higher and become more valuable when there are more people that are competing for the same keywords.

In addition, you may also need to compete for limited pay-per-click marketing spots. This applies to some marketing platforms such as  Google’s homepage. Although this can be a great advantage and could be effective for any advertiser, you would also need to battle it out with other competitors to claim your PPC spot. This could be extremely tricky since money wouldn’t easily solve this. Even if you pay more to increase their Google PPC ads’ prominence, it wouldn’t work.

There is something called an ad auction which is pretty much a rule that is made for Google pay per click and many other PPC ads. Specifically, this is applicable to an automated process used by search engines. This is basically used to identify the relevance and validity of the ads that you see on their website’s SERPs. 

To ensure that you can rank higher in terms of your rank position and lower your cost per click (CPC), then having a good Google pay-per-click ads Quality Score is recommended. In case you’re wondering a good Quality Score can be achieved by having your PPC ads relevant to your targeted demographics. 

Being relevant may also mean applying some valuable keywords, receiving high click-through rates (CTRs), and driving prospects to an SEO-optimized landing page. PPC agencies offer services that can manage the technical work for you if you don’t have enough time to do the PPC audit and launch your own PPC campaign.

How Does PPC Benefit Your Business?

When it comes to the digital era of marketing, pay-per-click advertisements is an extremely strong marketing strategy. With PPC, you may also have your conversions increased and your ROI maximized. There could also be some data-driven PPC management services, which can basically connect your brand with customers. This is a huge opportunity since this will also improve profitability in the end. Some other benefits that you may get from investing in PPC service are the following:

Immediate Clicks Results

This is perhaps one of the biggest advantages of pay-per-click advertising services is that you can get immediate results upon campaign launch compared to other digital marketing services. Once the PPC company has already set up your PPC campaign, you should be able to witness some results immediately with just one night. Although that is the case, with these services, the first three months are generally considered to be something similar to a testing period.

When it comes to business and marketing, having more information means more power. In order to get more favorable results, you would be required to acquire valuable data and continuously improve your campaign’s overall performance.

Brand Visibility

It is only natural that if you invest in PPC management services, then you would surely have your company’s products and services show up in lots of other places where your target customers are spending time, possibly browsing. Using PPC advertising offers the awareness phase of your marketing funnel, possibly attracting them and generating more prospects as well as high-converting customers to get captivated by your business.

Generating Traffic

As mentioned, using PPC advertisements allows immediate results, but it also works effectively with SEO. This strategy enhances your brand exposure as well as drives targeted traffic to your website. In addition, PPC is also the fastest method when it comes to running paid search campaigns. There are also kick-off marketing efforts and get clicks as well as some immediate traffic that is generated from prospects that are interested.

Google Data Management

PPC management services can also provide you with some measurable and trackable data, this is really valuable since information means power. With this, you can minimize, and possibly even eliminate all the guesswork in campaign tracking and reporting. You should also note that Google Analytics automatically tracks your campaign metrics. These metrics also include things such as view impressions, clicks, and conversions. With this, they can provide you with a clear picture of your pay-per-click campaign performance.

Better Targetting

You may notice that PPC serves targeted messages to your ideal and targetted audiences. This can be achieved by looking at the audience’s search behavior, online activities, and preferred platforms. You should also keep note that pay-per-click services prioritize the most relevant audiences. 

They also usually do these ads when they are likely to make a decision to purchase. These PPC marketing services can also allow you to connect with specific customer groups based on the information that is gathered about them, these information could include their gender, age group, location, and other demographics.

Campaign Promotions

Some companies may typically have some issues with implementing ongoing digital marketing efforts, which pay-per-click services may be able to easily fix. These services allow you to launch one-time campaign promotions as well as run some short sales cycles. 

In the end, you can consider these pay-per-click advertisements as some cost-effective way to introduce your new products and services to the digital marketplace. These services would also help your company separate PPC campaigns by priority.

Personal Touch

Custom, highly relevant Google pay-per-click campaigns can be a great way of winning against some of your competitors. Although that is the case, you should use this opportunity to resonate with your target audience. You should also note that these pay-per-click advertisements give you access to a wealth of marketing data. Using the information that you gained, you can see where you’re lacking and enhance your ad performance based on what you need.

You can select every small aspect of your pay-per-click campaign, these said aspects may include keywords, audience targeting, placements, and even the specific zip codes you want your ads to run in.

PPC Search Engine Marketing

PPC search engine marketing is known as a digital marketing strategy that can be utilized to enhance your brand’s visibility of SERPs for websites such as Bing, Yahoo, and Google when it comes to niche keywords. The goal of this is pretty much to enhance the traffic through improved ads, as well as to bring more conversions on the advertised website.

Does SEM Work?

The Algorithms that search engines use typically provide the most relevant search results, these also depends on the online users’ information, such as their location and web activity. You can see that these sponsored ads typically appears at the top or of the SERPS or beside the first search result. 

When it comes to the very foundation of these pay-per-click marketing strategies, keywords are very important. It is entirely recommended for you to determine these brand-related keywords that the prospects are likely to use when searching for your products and services online. If you are successful in determining this, you should be able to get in front of the right audience and be completely visible to them.

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Combining our team’s ability to create explosive SEO growth strategies with unmatched work ethic.


Combining our team’s ability to create explosive SEO growth strategies with unmatched work ethic.


Combining our team’s ability to create explosive SEO growth strategies with unmatched work ethic.


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